Jeff Coen for Kansas State Representative

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Jeff Coen is a small business owner, retired Topeka City Councilman and former Deputy Mayor of Topeka.

As a city councilman, Jeff always:

  1. Spoke out about wasting taxpayer money
  2. Jeff was elected as a Voting member of JEDO twice
  3. Voted for 5 balanced budgets
  4. Voted AGAINST 3 water rate hikes
  5. Voted AGAINST 5 property tax rate hikes
  6. Authored the ban on public nudity, this legislation passed unanimously
  7. Refinanced bad city bond debt saving the city millions of dollars in interest payments over time
  8. Voted for the following Downtown Plaza, Evel Knievel Museum, Constitution Hall and Jayhawk Theater
  9. Voted to invest in the “Hi-Crest” neighborhood
  10. Voted twice to approve contracts with the Topeka Police and Topeka Fire unions
  11. Voted against unenforceable laws
  12. Voted for Home of Harry W. Colmery, Author of the GI Bill” signs on the highway
  13. Approved the CID for the Cyrus Hotel

Paid for Coen for Kansas, Brad Noller Treasurer